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Our mission

  • Make dispatch work accessible

  • Increase the stability of organizations by facilitating the work of dispatchers

  • Increase the quality of the service provided

Our history

Developed by a fast delivery company in the greater Montreal area, Dispatch Master uses the experience of its designer, in the field of delivery since the 1970s, in order to benefit the general public.

The goal is to reflect human behavior when dispatching a delivery. Over the past 10 years, several improvements have been made and we are confident that this system will reflect excellence in delivery in your organization.

Dispatch Master standardizes and automates dispatch. No need for a dispatcher, only a controller. However, the program has been designed to be 100% automatic. It remains simple and easy to use.

The program selects couriers based on several factors, including delivery area, services, customers (problem couriers), their type of car (bike, car, van, cube truck, 100% electric, etc.), their preferred delivery corridor, and many others.

Subsequently, the algorithm analyzes the route of the deliverer and checks if he is qualified for said delivery, taking into account the time required and if he puts other deliveries late.

At the end, the best delivery person will be chosen and the delivery will be automatically distributed in the driver's route, in the correct order.

Let science talk to you

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